The new facility was inaugurated on July 20. Photo: Salmones Aysén.

Expanding coho farmer adds extra processing capacity

Coho salmon farmer Salmones Aysén has begun operating a processing plant which is expected to employ more than 800 workers at peak production.

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The plant at Ancud, on the island of Chiloé in Los Lagos region, previously belonged to Atlantic salmon farmer Cermaq Chile and was acquired by Salmones Aysén earlier this year. The facility was inaugurated on July 20.

The company, which harvested 43,000 tonnes (whole fish equivalent) last year, specialises in frozen coho for export by ship and already operates a large processing plant in Puerto Montt. The new plant has a capacity for 200 tonnes of frozen, finished products per day. These will be mainly fillets and other value-added products.

820 workers at peak

Salmones Aysén said: “We have around 50 workers which varies day by day with the incorporations in the plant and at the peak, it is expected to have around 820 workers.”

Most of the fish is destined for Japan, and the United States, which is becoming an increasingly important market for coho, the company said.

“We are very excited about this new challenge, which we gave a starting point on July 20, with a ceremony where our workers participated, whom we recognise as a fundamental pillar in our development. and growth. Together we expand our horizon!”