StofnFiskur was able to successfully send ova to three customers in China despite difficult logistics. Photos: Benchmark Genetics.

Egg supplier ova-comes coronavirus logistics hurdle

Icelandic salmon egg producer StofnFiskur has announced the successful delivery of ova to three customers in China despite transport challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Two of the customers are operating land-based farms, and a third is cage-farming in a freshwater lake. All are regular customers of StofnFiskur, which is part of Benchmark Genetics.

“We are very pleased that the logistics so far have gone well,” said Robert Rúnarsson, global sales manager of Benchmark Genetics in a press release.

Robert Rúnarsson: "It is a challenge to plan airline shipments these days".

Cancellations and changes

“It is a challenge to plan airline shipments these days due to the corona crisis. Cancellations and changes of flights are made on short notice. Fortunately, there are still daily connections between Iceland and Europe that makes it possible to get our products further exported to the global market.”

StofnFiskur is the largest supplier of ova to the growing land-based aquaculture industry.

The company said this type of customer is very concerned about biosecurity, and the production model of StofnFiskur gives confidence that they do not get unwanted pathogens into the RAS-systems through the eggs.

StofnFiskur’s broodfish are kept ashore throughout the entire life cycle, and the water supplies come from deep boreholes free of infectious pathogens.

“The aquaculture companies that run full-cycle land-based production also require deliveries every single month of the year, and we are proud to be able to fulfil their needs,” said Rúnarsson.