Cooke-owned Tassal has received a grant from the Western Australian Government to increase baramundi production.

Tassal granted A$5m to help scale up barramundi operation

Funding 'will help Cooke-owned operation grow sustainably'


Tassal Group Limited has been granted A$5 million (£2.58m/US$3.26m) of support from the West Australian Government’s Investment Attraction Fund to boost barramundi farming in the region.

Tassal, which is owned by Canadian fish farmer Cooke Inc., bought barramundi farm owner MPA Fish Farms Pty Ltd and MPA Marketing Pty Ltd out of administration last year and has spent the subsequent months consolidating operations and planning for future growth.

Mark Ryan, managing director and chief executive of Tassal, said it was an exciting time for the company and the Kimberley region.

Expediting plans

“We’re so grateful to the (Western Australia) Government of Premier Roger Cook, in particular fisheries minister Don Punch, for their support today and across the past six months or so,” said Ryan.

“This funding will help Tassal to enhance the farm at Yaloon/Cone Bay and to expedite our plans to grow sustainably into the Buccaneer Archipelago.

“That means more jobs and more economic activity in the Kimberley.”

The funds will contribute towards Tassal’s upgrades at its fish farm, including new pens and nets, smart farming technology, a feed barge and upgrades to marine vessels.

Local stakeholders

Tassal is finalising a plan for a revised expansion to the West Australian Government, and said it looks forward to sharing it with the community.

“We have spent the last few months engaging with local stakeholders, in particular Mayala, Yawuru and other Traditional Owners. This has been so valuable, and we thank everyone for their warm welcome to the Kimberley, their insights and good faith.

“We expect to be able to share more details about our plans to grow aquaculture jobs in northern WA in the next month or so.”