Bakkafrost harvested 14,000 gwt in the Faroes in Q1 this year, and 7,000 gwt in Scotland. Photo: Bakkafrost.

Bakkafrost harvested 21,000 tonnes of salmon in Q1

Scottish Salmon Company owner Bakkafrost harvested 14,000 gutted weight tonnes of fish in the Faroes in the first quarter of this year, and 7,000 gwt in Scotland.

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Bakkafrost farms in three different areas in the Faroes. The division of the harvest, which was 3,300 gwt more than in Q1 2020, was:

  • Farming North:    11,400 gwt
  • Farming West:        2,500 gwt
  • Farming South:      100 gwt

Sales by Bakkafrost’s feed subsidiary, Havsbrún, amounted to 23,800 tonnes in the quarter. Havsbrún sourced 48,500 tonnes of raw materials in Q1.

The full Q1 2021 report will be released on May 11.