Skaginn's sub-chilling technology can be used to "tune the resource processability", says Baader managing director Robert Focke.

Fish processing technology suppliers complete merger

German fish processing machinery giant Baader has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Icelandic company Skaginn 3X.

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The move is aimed at extending the scope of solutions over the entire processing line, bringing Baader’s engineering practices together with the cooling, freezing and processing expertise of Skaginn 3X, said Baader in a press release.

The ensuing integration phase will focus on the creation of a new global sales organisation consisting of a joint Skaginn 3X and Baader salesforce. Once operational, it will coordinate all global sales activities for all Skaginn 3X and Baader products.

Current sales contacts will remain to ensure continued familiarity in the early phases of the integration process, while the companies work towards establishing a single face to the customer.

‘One go-to partner’

“Our overall mission is to be the one go-to partner for customers within the fish industry, as we have done for over 100 years. Our aim is to provide and service innovative stand-alone equipment and system solutions within all major segments of fish that are best in class, based on strong engineering and deep-rooted knowledge of the industry,” said Baader executive chairwoman Petra Baader.

“I am pleased that Skaginn 3X is joining forces with Baader,” said Ingólfur Árnason, chief executive of Skaginn 3X.

“Our focus for the past 40 years has always been on developing innovative products for the industry. With the global Baader distribution network, Skaginn 3X can continue to focus on innovation and fully utilise the manufacturing capabilities in Iceland to serve the new Baader sales and service network.”

Greater precision

Baader managing director Robert Focke said customers will in future benefit from jointly tapped potential.

“Together, we will not only strengthen our competencies regarding all fish species, but we will also be able to tune the resource processability: through the Skaginn 3X sub-chilling technology, it will be possible to process fish even more precisely while conserving resources and maintaining quality,” said Focke.

The companies said they are committed to their site locations and that no workforce reductions are intended with the joint venture, as existing capacities will continue to be needed to support future growth.