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Rob Fletcher

Designed by Bergen-based Andreas Morland, the device benefits from a lack of cables, wires or propellers and can provide an in-depth profile of every part of the pen.

Morland explained the inspiration behind the idea to Fish Farming Expert: “The system was developed as a response to two observed problems with traditional logging systems. The one problem was that measurements would be very dependant of the depth the sensor was placed. To solve this we needed to collect a depth profile. The other was that cabinets, wires ropes and buoys are constantly in the way of other operation in the cage as well as requiring a lot of maintenance. The problem then became how to create a battery powered, wireless monitoring solution that could move inside the cage. The patented solution we came up with was developed in cooperation with industrial designer from Inventas. The basic concept was discussed with potential customers and based and the initial response we moved on.”

The current model, which is a prototype, has a battery life of six months, but Morland aims to expand this to 18 months, “meaning that the system should be self-sufficient for the entire marine production cycle”.

The prototype device is about to be field tested by Bremnes Seashore and generated a fair bit of interest at the recent Aqua Nor trade show. The company is already accepting pre-orders and, Morland explains, “I expect we will make a gradual transition to a stable supply capacity and we will be ready to deliver a tested system in about six months’ time.”

According to Morland the key benefits of the idea are its low maintenance nature, coupled with its ability to better short and long term decisions with better data and efficient data analysis.



“We offer better data then current solutions by collection a depth profile of the cage. We will also be working with Bremnes to create an interface that offers decision support and easy access to information contained in the data. We want to make it simpler to make long and short term decisions based on good information. Our product is better decision support, the drone is just the tool that allows us to do it.

“We had a really good week at Aqua Nor. We got a lot of interest and positive feedback from customers.  Up until now we've talked primarily to Norwegian customers but this was the first international release for us and we’ve been particularly happy with the positive response from Chile, Canada and the UK. This week we have been preparing offers.”

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