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Kate Casey 


Norchi Aqua, Ocea, Europharma, BASF. All four companies are of Norwegian (or German) origin and all are racing to get into Chile’s fertile market of fish mortality silage. Mainstream was the first in the news this month to announce its own silage processing system for its hatchery and smolt production facilities. In Mainstream’s case the silage process will be handled in conjunction with one of the region’s largest fishmeal processing companies, Salmonoil. But other service provider companies such as Norchi Aqua, Ocea, and Europharma are beginning to market themselves as silage professionals. In the case of Europharma, the company has worked out a deal with BASF, in order to be the authorized distributor of the BASF product, Amasil NA, which is a special blend of formic acid for silage processing. According to the BASF brand of formic acid is not corrosive and under current environmental regulations it does not require special means of transportation or storage.