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Per Roar Gjerde, appointed as COO Norway and Chile. Photo: Gustav Erik Blaalid.
Per Roar Gjerde, appointed as COO Norway and Chile. Photo: Gustav Erik Blaalid.

Disagreements over how the Chilean salmon farming sector should be regulated have inspired Marine Harvest to renounce its membership of SalmonChile, the producers’ organisation.  

"Marine Harvest and SalmonChile disagree on how this important sector of the Chilean industry must move forward and improve in the future. Therefore, it’s better for both sides if we finish our membership,” says Per-Roar Gjerde, General Manager of MH Chile.

MH has been asking for stricter regulation in Chile for many years, due to unstable production and fluctuating prices.

"Our view is that we need regulations that will help the sustainability of the industry. Marine Harvest has discussed its proposals on several occasions with SalmonChile and we can only conclude that we do not agree on the way forward for the Chilean industry. Therefore, it makes sense that we end our participation as a partner.

“Similarly we are disappointed by the way they handled the algal bloom crisis earlier this year,” Gjerde adds.

Collaboration still possible

Marine Harvest is convinced that salmon production in Chile has huge potential and the company will continue its work to achieve more effective regulations. Gjerde also emphasises Marine Harvest’s willingness to collaborate with other industry participants.

"We want to continue to contribute to the salmon industry and are willing to maintain a broad collaboration with other participants, because I'm sure there are other companies that also recognize the need for more stringent, effective and predictable regulations.

“Marine Harvest believes it is absolutely necessary that regulations that allow a sustainable industry and ensure better biological conditions, secure jobs and good economic performance are established. Marine Harvest wants more companies to participate in this work,” Gjerde concludes.