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Manolin adds more instant information for fish farmers

Manolin chief executive John Costantino:
Manolin chief executive John Costantino: "Farmers today need to manage information from many different sources."

Aquaculture data services company Manolin today announced real-time system integrations with fish diagnostics provider Patogen, internet of things expert Cognite, and environment monitoring equipment supplier Meox, in addition to its existing integrations.

The integrations mean fish farmers using Manolin’s platform can now tie PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test results to their farm production data in one central system.

“The ability to find lab results, environmental information, and farm data in one place has great potential to improve our production,” said Andreas Skagøy, fish health manager at Norwegian salmon farmer Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett.

“With this, our team can optimise efficiency, more accurately assess risk, and improve our fish welfare. These open and connected data systems can allow more farmers - and the industry - to improve their strategies with better tools.”

Previously unseen insights

In a press release, Manolin said its customers have access to previously unseen insights into how production decisions are impacting their bottom line. By combining more real-time sensor data, historic farm data, PCR results, and more on Manolin’s platform for mobile devices and computer dashboards, farmers can assess treatment and service provider choices in real time.

The platform also benchmarks each farmer’s production against the entire industry and alerts farm teams to increased risk of fish health issues using machine learning.

“Farmers today need to manage information from many different sources in order to make the best decisions,” said John Costantino, co-founder and chief technology officer of Manolin.

“We’re excited to be adding more integrations that will make data accessible throughout the organisation but also identify the risk factors contributing to each farmer’s unique fish health profile. For example, which conditions are leading to more disease, mortality events, or ineffective lice treatments.”

Tord Leth-Olsen: Integration of data
Tord Leth-Olsen: Integration of data "achieved in just one week".

Real-time data

Oslo-based multinational Cognite creates software for oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, manufacturing and other asset-heavy industries. The company’s director of strategic alliances, Tord Leth-Olsen, said: “We are excited to work with Manolin as they use Cognite Data Fusion to equip farmers with real-time data and insights that farmers can use in their daily decision making.

“The integration between Manolin and the contextual data in Cognite Data Fusion was achieved in just one week - instantly fuelling Manolin with contextualised and connected data across the value chain, from roe to end product.”

In August 2021, Manolin – which currently operates only in Norway - announced a new service to automatically alert farmers to non-notifiable diseases in their area. This is the first and only available system to notify farmers about the risk of non-notifiable diseases nearby, which are not currently tracked by Norwegian government regulators.

The company plans to continue to build new integrations with farm service providers and benchmark industry performance throughout 2022.