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Farming site of Los Fiordos.
Farming site of Los Fiordos.

In order to minimize the use of antibiotics and delousing agents, Los Fiordos is using vaccines to strengthen the immune systems of it salmon, as well as functional diets and breeding programs.

In the case of treatments with antibiotics, 0.51 kg of active ingredient were applied per produced tonne last year, according to the company's latest Sustainability Report.

This implies a 12 per cent decrease compared to those treatments reported in 2014. “This leaves us well placed to meet the target we set to reduce the use of drugs by 15 per cent by 2016,” said the company.

The fish harvested in 2015 received an average of 1.52 treatments with antibiotics during the fattening stage.

Meanwhile, the calculation methodology used for the use of antibiotics and delousing agents considers the complete cycle of all farming sites closed during 2015.

You can download the entire Sustainability Report 2015 produced by Los Fiordos here.