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The pioneering lice laser company Stingray has set a record run-time at several salmon sites.

Linn Therese Skår Hosteland

Several farmers have reported that the device is now successfully operating at over 90 per cent of the time.

“The equipment is supposed to be running 100 per cent of the time and kill lice continuously, but we are now nearing an average of 80 per cent run-time, while the lasers are reaching 90 per cent in the best sites,” John Arne Breivik told

He has previously stated that the devices occasionally stop working when lice numbers are too high, but says that the results gets better and better as they constantly accumulate data from different cages and from different sites.

“All the users of Stingray gives us feedback on both the operation of the laser and the results they are achieving. Cooperation in the initial period of trials has given us valuable feedback. Together with our users we will improve our results,” Breivik added.