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It has been revealed that Alex Morton employed a DC-based eco-radical to film activists and First Nations storming two salmon farms in BC last week.  

Last week, the group of activists, backed by the crew of the Sea Shepherd Society’s vessel Martin Sheen, illegally trespassed on two separate salmon farms on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Days later, a video was released showing the group of traditionally clad First Nations walking around the pens, performing “cleansing” rituals.

However, in a new report, Christopher Wilson, commentator and BC Bureau Chief for TheRebelTV, sheds some light on the activist connections between professional activist Alexandra Morton and a Washington DC-based activist-for-hire.


“She’s using highly produced videos and First Nations to win over emotional support,” Wilson says in his report.

He dug a bit further into the connections and backgrounds of the activists involved in attacking and discrediting salmon farms.

“There was quite a bit of production value that went into those two videos, so I looked into who produced them,” he explains.

He discovered that a group called SubMedia was the producer.

‘Alarming activist connections’

Upon looking further, Wilson discovered that SubMedia, run by Franklin Lopez, has produced videos of anti-pipeline extremists tampering with pipelines and the Al-Jezeera documentaries of the New Brunswick fracking riots, among others.

It appears that the American “activist-for-hire” has jumped on board the anti-salmon farming train, and is helping Morton to try and smear an industry that is vital to Canadian Coastal First Nations.