An Arctic Fish site in Dýrafjörður, Iceland. Photo: Agust Atlason.

Arctic Fish harvested 1,800 tonnes of salmon in Q2

The Icelandic company Arctic Fish harvested 1,800 tonnes of gutted weight in the second quarter, it said in a market update today.

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The company is licensed to produce 23,100 tonnes of salmon and trout in the Westfjords of Iceland. Out of the total permit volume, 5,300 tonnes for trout is not currently used and will be converted to salmon licences in an ongoing application process.

The Icelandic company is 50% owned by Norway Royal Salmon.

31,900 tonnes possible

Arctic Fish is one of the leading salmon farmers in Iceland and has permits in three fjords. If two new permit applications are approved its total volume can reach 31,900 tonnes in the next few years, the company stated.

Arctic Fish owns a state-of-the-art RAS hatchery and smolt production which is the basis for its operations. Additional investments are being made in smolt production and slaughter facilities.