Region of Los Lagos has exported 86% of all Chilean salmon

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Christian Pérez

Besides, according to a report produced by the National Customs Service, salmon represents 52.4% of those returns generated by the 10th Region (Los Lagos) exports in the ninth month of this year.

There is a long gap between the salmon export levels achieved by the Region of Los Lagos compared to other regions in the country. The Region of Los Lagos is followed by the 11th Region (Aysén), which exported US$ 6.7 million in salmon products in September, representing 5 percent of the Chilean salmon exports in the period.

The 12th Region (Magallanes) exported US$ 7.3 million in September, which represent 6 percent of the of the Chilean turnovers from salmon, while the 8th Region (Bío Bío) exported US$ 1.4 million.

The total Chilean exports of Atlantic and coho salmon in September totalized US$ 122.4 million.