An illustration of the vessel ordered by Aquaship / Intership.

Hybrid power and lots of freshwater for new wellboat 

Aquaship / Intership vessel is built for the future, says chief executive


Marine services supplier Aquaship / Intership has ordered a 4,000m³-capacity battery-hybrid wellboat which will have a reverse osmosis system capable of producing 10,000m³ of fresh water per day.

"We see and hear what our customers need, and we invest in boats that meet both today’s and tomorrow’s demands. There are new and ever-increasing requirements for fish health, fish welfare, and environmental and climate emissions. I am proud that we are investing in the best wellboats on the market that deliver on these aspects,” said chief executive Ole Peter Brandal.

The vessel is designed by Norwegian Salt Ship Design and will be built by the Spanish shipyard Zamakona in Bilbao, which has previously built two wellboats for Aquaship / Intership. MIL Shipping has facilitated the contracting for the wellboat, which will take the number of vessels in the company's fleet to 41.

Best available tech

“It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to build state-of-the-art wellboats. We work with partners we know well and who we know deliver the best available technology on the market,” said Brandal.

Aquaship / Intership has been a leader in the development of freshwater treatment for lice and AGD (amoebic gill disease) using reverse osmosis (RO) for many years and has accumulated extensive operational experience. Along with the large RO system, the vessel will be prepared for combination treatment.

“With this system, we can fill the boat with self-produced freshwater in half a day. The treatment scores very well on all welfare indicators, and the fish start feeding immediately after treatment. This provides economic, welfare, and environmental benefits,” said Brandal.

Energy efficient

The vessel will have a "significant battery pack", and the battery-hybrid technology will ensure optimal energy efficiency, significantly reducing the environmental impact, said the wellboat operator.

Aquaship / Intership said the wellboat is the first to be contracted in the industry since the company last contracted two boats in 2022. Recently, it was announced that Aquaship / Intership is purchasing another state-of-the-art wellboat, Bjørg Pauline, from fish farmer Nordlaks. This expansion comes after Aquaship / Intership merged in December and brought in American Industrial Partners (AIP) as the largest owner.

Growth strategy

“We have a clear growth strategy in Norway and internationally. For us, it is both necessary and important to continue investing to deliver on what the market needs in future. Therefore, we depend on investing in the best boats and the very latest technology. We are very pleased to have owners who make this possible,” said Brandal.

Aquaship / Intership has 700 employees, with operations in Chile, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Norway. The company has its headquarters in Kristiansund and Hareid, Norway.