AquaMaof is reported to be providing the technology for the planned RAS facility in Vietnam. Photo: AquaMaof.

10,000t salmon RAS plant planned for Vietnam

A 10,000-tonne on-land salmon farm and processing plant is being planned for Vietnam.

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Israeli recirculating aquaculture system specialist AquaMaof will provide the technology, according to a report by Undercurrent News.

AquAgro Projects, a company based in Singapore backed by Israeli entrepreneurs, has teamed with a Vietnamese group on the project, named SEA Aquaculture. AquaMaof will also be an investor, with 10%.

Work is expected to start before July next year, with the first fish going in 18 months later.

Asian market

AquAgro plans to build a plant for processing the bulk of production from the farm, reports Undercurrent.

The processing plant will produce mainly fillets for Vietnam, China, and other Asian nations. 

The 10 hectare size of the site allows AquAgro to expand, as the 10,000-tonne plant footprint only covers 6.5-7.5 ha.