Indiana food bank Gleaners is benefiting from AquaBounty's excess salmon stock. Photo: Doug Jagges / WFYI.

AquaBounty gives more fish to the needy in US

American on-land salmon farmer AquaBounty is donating 30,000 pounds (13.6 tonnes) of fish to the Gleaners Food Bank in Indiana, it announced today. The donation will provide enough fish for an estimated 125,000 meals.

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It is the second large giveaway by the company, which donated 50,000 lbs of salmon to Philadelphia-based Philabundance earlier this month.

The fish are from a crop of conventional salmon which AquaBounty began growing in its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in Albany, Indiana before gaining permission to grow its genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon in the US.

Multiple donations

The company planned to begin selling the conventional salmon last year but the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the market meant it was left with excess fish. These have had to be harvested to make room for its faster-growing AquAdvantage salmon at the Albany facility, which has an annual capacity of just 1,200 tonnes.

AquaBounty said the contribution to Gleaners is one of multiple donations it is making to organisations serving those who face hunger in local communities.

For the next few weeks, AquaBounty will provide frozen Atlantic salmon fillets to the Gleaners warehouse to distribute to those in need. Each load will carry approximately 10,000 to 12,000lbs of fish. The total expected donation represents a value of approximately $125,000.

John Elliott: Donation will provide 125,000 meals. Photo: Gleaners.

Healthy food

“We are grateful to receive this donation of salmon from AquaBounty and to work with them to provide protein-rich, healthy food to relieve hunger in our community,” said Gleaners president and chief executive John Elliott.

“The number of salmon being donated will allow us to provide an estimated 125,000 meals to our hungry neighbours throughout our 21-county service area.”

Gleaners nutrition manager Sarah Wilson said salmon is a great protein choice, particularly for those looking to improve heart health.


“Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high in B vitamins, and an excellent source of potassium,” said Wilson. “It also includes amino acids that have been shown to positively affect mood and sleep cycles and is a good source of iron as well.”

Wilson has posted recipes and information on how to cook with salmon on

In a statement last week, AquaBounty revealed that it wrote off $1.5 million when it was forced to harvest its conventional salmon to make room for its AquAdvantage salmon, which are expected to go on sale for the first time in the US next month.