Cecilie Sviland Walde during this year's Aqkva conference.

Reduced growth costs the most

In the debates around fish welfare and delousing, the greatest focus is on mortality, but it's reduced fish growth that probably costs the most, says Cecilie Walde of Norway's Veterinary Institute


Cecilie Sviland Walde is a trained fish health biologist and has worked for many years with disease diagnostics of farmed fish. She has a doctorate in the fields of epidemiology and economics, where she has looked at the costs of delousing farmed Atlantic salmon. Today, she works in the field of animal health economics in the section for aquatic biosecurity at the Veterinary Institute.

Biological and economic costs

Walde tells Fish Farming Expert's Norwegian sister site, Kyst.no, that the biological costs are defined as increased mortality, reduced growth and reduced harvest quality.

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