Emiliano Pinori is the new R&D manager for Steen-Hansen.

Net coatings maker hires new R&D chief

Pinori will drive sustainability agenda at Steen-Hansen


Aquaculture industry supplier Steen-Hansen, which makes anti-fouling coatings for fish farm nets, has announced the appointment of Emiliano Pinori to lead its development department.

Pinori holds a PhD in Chemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Gothenburg and over the past decade has led several research projects focused on materials for the marine sector on behalf of Sweden’s research institute, RISE, including pioneering technology within low-emission biofouling prevention.

Steen-Hansen chief executive Ulrik Ulriksen said Pinori, 51, brings a unique experience and a network that will be very useful.

Sustainability goals

“We aim to achieve our ambitious goals for sustainability and development for customers who have increasingly higher demands for the environment, animal welfare, and quality. Being able to recruit from the top shelf within research environments gives us the competence and drive we need to create good solutions for the future,” added Ulriksen.

Steen-Hansen has a state-of-the-art development laboratory, including a HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing) lab, where experimental testing and future products are emerging. The Norwegian company was the first in the market with copper-free products for aquaculture, the first antifouling product approved in Europe under Biocidal Products Regulation, and the development of NetCare quality standards for net treatment. Pinori’s role will be to take the R&D work further.

Forward-thinking industry

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with the Steen-Hansen team, both in Norway and Chile,” said Pinori.

“My first encounter with the company was back in 2014, while I was working on the LEAF project (Low Emission Antifouling). This led to a long collaboration where myself and RISE engaged in several of Steen-Hansen’s projects, both as a problem solver and innovation partner.

“I am particularly looking forward to working closely with Steen-Hansen's customers; the industry is forward-thinking and focused on finding good solutions. I believe many of the answers lie in a holistic approach to the environment, fish welfare, and clean nets, where preventative technology will be the first choice.”

Bergen-headquartered Steen Hansen has more than 30 employees, a subsidiary in Chile, and produces about 7 million litres of paint annually. As well as anti-fouling coatings, the company also manufactures specialised paint systems for other industries, i.e. textile protection, fireproofing, and surface treatment.

Steen-Hansen has state-of-the-art testing facilities.