From left: Francisco Paredes (Altum Lab), Jose Luis Callejas (Kura Biotech), Marcelo Vera (VeHiCe) and Cesar Luengo (Innovex) take part in a presentation in the conference tent at Aquaculture UK last month.

Chilean companies praise fruitful Aquaculture UK visit

Four Chilean companies that attended Aquaculture UK in Aviemore last month have declared the event a success after holding more than 60 meetings with UK companies during the trade fair.

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The companies comprised a delegation organised by ProChile, a state body that promotes the export of Chilean goods and services.

Nicolás Poblete, ProChile’s commercial director for the UK, told Aquaculture UK’s website that the trade show “made it possible to establish new business relationships between companies from both countries”.

“Additionally, the delegation that visited the fair was able to acquire valuable information on the UK market and was able to publicise the innovative solutions that they have managed to develop in front of an important audience,” said Poblete.

Generating ties

César Luengo, deputy head of operations at Innovex, which manufactures oceanographic instruments for the aquaculture industry, said: “For us at Innovex, which already does business abroad (specifically Scotland for a couple of years), any type of exposure in this market is favourable.

“I appreciate the management by ProChile in inviting us to this fair and I think I speak for the rest when I say that it was a fruitful instance for all of us who attended, by generating ties with people from other companies in an industry as global as aquaculture.”

Jose Luis Callejas has an MSc from Edinburgh University and works for the European arm of Kura BioTech, an expert in enzymatic catalysis. He told Aquaculture UK that the event “helped us establish contacts with laboratories and universities with which we can develop future technologies and through which we can show our listeria kit technology in development, and to be able to see the importance of listeria in the Scottish aquaculture market”.

He added: “The industry insights were very enlightening on how to navigate this industry and the potential it has. We are very grateful for all the help and facilitation to be able to meet with key people in the industry.”


Puerto Montt-headquartered advanced pathology and histopathology company, Veterinary Histopathology Centre (VeHiCe), already operates a laboratory operation in Glasgow.

The company’s commercial manager, Marcelo Vera, said Aquaculture UK allowed staff to meet more people from the Scottish market, meet salmon farming suppliers and personally reconnect face to face to strengthen relationships.

“It is interesting to know first-hand the advances in the market and learn about new problems in order to propose innovative solutions to the market,” added Vera.

Similarities to Chile

The fourth company in the Chilean delegation was Altum Lab, which provides artificial intelligence solutions.

Business strategy director Francisco Paredes said the UK aquaculture industry has many similarities to the Chilean market in terms of problems, requirements and the incorporation of innovative solutions to promote aquaculture sustainability.

“That is why we see great opportunities to enter the market to work together with the challenges of large and medium producers.”