Jessica Fuentes will take charge of Sernapesca until a permanent replacement is chosen for Alicia Gallardo. Photo: Sernapesca.

Lawyer takes the helm at Chilean aquaculture service

Chile’s state fisheries and aquaculture service, Sernapesca, has a new boss. Jessica Fuentes is the temporary replacement for national director Alicia Gallardo, who has been appointed the country’s undersecretary of fisheries and aquaculture.

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Fuentes, a lawyer who moves from her role as Sernapesca’s legal deputy director, has vast and recognised experience in the fishing and aquaculture field, according to a press release.

She spent five years as head of the legal division of Subpesca, the undersecretariat of fisheries and aquaculture now headed by Gallardo.

During 2015, she joined Sernapesca as an advisor on legislative matters and was confirmed in the post of legal deputy director in 2017.

‘Contributions stand out’

In her career, “her contributions stand out in the discussion and processing of various bills on Fisheries and Aquaculture, as well as in the drafting of the Sernapesca Modernisation Bill, which was finally approved and promulgated by the president in February of 2019”, stated the press release.

Fuentes took over as deputy national director of Sernapesca on January 7 and will remain in office for the entire period in which the senior public management contest takes place to formally appoint the new manager of the agency. 

Who does what?

Subpesca’s task is to regulate and administer fishing and aquaculture activities, through policies, regulations and administration measures.

Sernapesca manages aquaculture through the application of sanitary, environmental and operational regulations; monitoring, analysis and issuance of technical reports on matters related to the development of aquaculture activities from a health and environmental point of view; proposing actions aimed at promoting the harmonious development of the activity.

It performs similar roles for industrial and artisanal fishing.