Spot price for Norwegian salmon in 2021 (orange) against 2020 (grey). Source: Akvafakta.

Salmon price lifts by NOK 6.21 per kilo

The spot price of Norwegian farmed salmon rose by NOK 6.21 per kilo last week (week 8) to NOK 54.20 (£4.58), the highest weekly average since week 27 last year.

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However, the price is still NOK 13.14 per kilo lower than in the same week in 2020, according to salmon statistics provider Akvafakta.

The average price so far this year is NOK 46.35 / kg against the equivalent of NOK 71.34 at this time last year, when salmon had started the year at a price of almost NOK 80 per kilo.

Norway exported 27,364 tonnes of salmon (round weight) in week 7. This is 11.3% more than in the same week in 2020.

So far this year, 193,00 tonnes have been exported, 32.3% more than at the same time last year.