The salmon spot price (orange line) is higher than the same week last year (grey line). Data source: Akvafakta.

Salmon spot price reaches five-week high

The spot price of salmon last week was the highest in five weeks, according to figures provided by Norwegian salmon data service Akvafakta.

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The salmon price rose in week 39 by NOK 4.97 (£0.41) per kg to NOK 47.42 per kg.

That price is NOK 6.21 better than the same week last year.

The average price so far this year is NOK 57.46 / kg, fractionally better than the equivalent for 2019.

There were 28,866 tonnes of whole salmon exported from Norway in week 38, a 5.9% fall compared to the same week in 2019. So far, 870,000 tonnes have been exported this year, 1.1% fewer than at the same time last year.