The price fall in week 25 was almost exactly the same as last year. Data source: Akvafakta.

Big fall in salmon price mirrors 2019 plunge

The spot price of Norwegian salmon plunged more than NOK 10 last week, the third-largest weekly fall on record.

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According to salmon data provider Akvafakta, the spot price dropped by NOK 10.33 / kg last week (week 25). As a result, it ended up at NOK 60.09 / kg.

The second biggest drop was in week 3 in 2016 (-11.37 / kg), while the biggest was in week 22 in 2018 (-12.13 / kg).

Interestingly, in week 25 last year the price fell almost as steeply as this year. Then it fell by NOK 9.80 / kg, having gone up NOK 10.30 / kg the week before.

Year-on-year average up

The price for this year’s week 25 is thus NOK 0.25 over the same week last year.

The average price so far this year is NOK 62.89 / kg against NOK 61.93 / kg by week 25 2019.

Norway exported 24,183 tonnes (round weight) in week 24. This is 9.4% more than the corresponding week a year earlier.

So far this year, 521,000 tonnes have been exported, 0.5% less than last year.

Prices of Scottish salmon tend to be similar to Norwegian prices, and attract a premium in some markets.