New York-based Acme's Chilean operation has recycled more than 95% of its waste.

Salmon smoker passes recyling milestone


Salmon smoker Acme Chile has recycled more than 95% of the waste from its plant in Puerto Montt after designing a recycling plan based on the diversification of waste management, it has announced.

The plan has enabled it to reduce – permanently and increasingly – the waste destined for landfills.

According to the latest environmental report from Acme Chile, the company -which is owned by New York-based Acme Smoked Fish Co. - managed to recycle 95.11% of the waste from its plant. To achieve this, the company recycled a wide range of materials including plastics, cardboard, paper, films, salmon waste, gloves, organic waste, sludge, and hazardous waste.

Marcela Suárez, head of certifications and environment at Acme Chile, said: “This is solid proof of our commitment to being responsible citizens, where sustainability and social responsibility are our pillars.

“We are happy to be able to actively contribute to caring for the environment and our community.”

In 2020, Acme Smoked Fish Co., which also owns the Norlax factory in Denmark, and facilities in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Florida, began its Citizens of Seafood programme to improve sustainability in 2020.

“We believe doing right by our planet, people and communities is imperative to the success and viability of our business in a world where the environmental and social stakes are higher than ever,” the company’s executives said in its 2022 sustainability report.