Aviemore debut deemed a great success

This year’s Aquaculture UK has been deemed a great success by exhibitors, sponsors and the new organisers themselves. 

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5m Publishing took over the running from David Mack this year and Matt Colvan, sales manager for the company who has been in charge of the event, is happy by how the two-day celebration has gone.

He told Fish Farming Expert: “It’s the jewel in the crown of our events and of the UK aquaculture industry and we’re really pleased by how it’s gone so far.

“It’s the first one we’ve done and we’re very happy, there’s 40% more floor space and, while we don’t yet have the precise number of visitors, the pre-registration has been up by a similar proportion.

“We’ve added a second conference marquee this year and have been delighted by the conference tents and the take-up – we want to create a forum for the transfer of knowledge and idea.

“We’ve also been very pleased with the number of overseas visitors as well as the number of new exhibitors and the feedback has been very positive.”

He is already looking forward to the next instalment, in 2 years’ time, where he plans to build on the success.

“We’re booked to return in May 2018 and look forward to coming back,” he reflects.

Matt is quick to praise the role of David Mack – the man behind bringing the show to Aviemore all those years ago.

“David is a stalwart and an active supporter of our ownership – he’s given us the keys and we’re taking it to the next stage,” Matt concludes.

Meanwhile Heather Jones, CEO of the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), says: “It’s been exciting for SAIC to be a part of and great to see so many people collaborating and connecting.

“There’s been a real sense of energy, which coincides with the 2030 vision of growth and many conversations about how to grow the industry.

“We were also blown away by our own Aquavation Sessions – there has been standing room only and we’ve needed to supply extra chairs.

“The presentations have been very high quality and it’s been good to get input from other sectors and I think we’ll see lots of initiatives emerging from the event.”