Steinsvik is working on a custom-made boat for its Thermolicer to address some of the challenges of mechanical de-lousing.

Custom-made boat for Thermolicer

Thermolicer maker Steinsvik is developing a tailor-made boat for its equipment to address several of the challenges associated with mechanical de-licing.

It’s no secret that mechanical de-licing has some challenges, and Thermolicer sales manager Tore Laastad points out that much of the problem is related to the lift-height of pumping with vacuum pumps.

“Other pumping methods have other challenges. But the need for crowding [the fish] before treatment is probably the biggest. Both pumping and crowding are stress factors and have the potential to reduce fish health,” he notes.

He says crowding is also a challenge in relation to re-infection, as the process can lead to fish rubbing against each other, causing some lice to fall off.

Re-infection of de-loused fish

“If you take fish back into the same cage as they came from, there will be lice in the water column that are looking for a host and you can get re-infection of newly de-loused fish,” he explains.

To try to resolve this and other challenges of alternative de-lousing, Steinsvik is now working on the development of its own Thermolicer boat.

“We hope the integrated design of the Thermolicer boat will solve the challenges of crowding and pumping. We are talking tailoring, where the treatment loop and systems for fish logistics are customised.”

Additionally, Steinvik wants to create top quality living and working conditions on board because they believe this will help to attract the best people.

“A good crew is very important for utilising good equipment,” says Laastad.

There are currently 30 Thermolicers in operation and Laastad says that several customers are interested in boats or similar solutions specially adapted to other vessels.

Published: 07/04/2017 at 8:43 am

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