Bjorn Myrseth at AE2016. Image: Pal Mugaas Jensen.

Closed containment tops likely list

Novel closed containment systems are the most promising designs that have emerged from the whole development licence initiative today, according to one of the salmon farming industry’s most respected stalwarts.

At AE2016 today, Bjørn Myrseth – one of Norway’s most eminent salmon producers – gave a brief appraisal of some of the 35 development licence applications that have been lodged to date.

Of the 35, 11 involve closed containment concepts, he observed, and he stated that this leaning towards such systems mirrors his own belief that “closed containment is the best idea”.

The reasons behind this are the fact that they protect against lice (if the water intake is from below 20m), their protection against escapes, the possibility of regulating the water temperature, the low FCR and the low mortality rates they offer.

He also expressed his belief that they should have low operating costs.

Investment costs/per tonne

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the talk was his presentation of figures showing the comparative costs/per 1000 tonnes of production of 5 of the closed containment systems, the Ocean Farming project and standard net pens (see below).


A comparison of investment (in millions of NOK) per 1000 tonnes of production for the Ocean Farming cage; Marine Harvest’s Egg, Donut and Ship designs; Stadin Laks’s barge; Kobbevik’s steel cage; and a traditional pen system.


Personal involvement

Bjørn also revealed that he is personally involved with the development of one such closed containment system – the Stadionbassenget– a 34,000m3 concrete construction, which is being designed by Stadion Laks.

A cross section of the Station Laks design. Image: Pal Mugaas Jensen.

A cross section of the Stadion Laks design. Image: Pal Mugaas Jensen.


Published: 23/09/2016 at 4:25 pm

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