Martha Stewart branded seafood products. Image: Cooke Aquaculture

Martha Stewart and Cooke collaborate in the kitchen

Martha Stewart has been working with Cooke-owned True North Seafood on a tasty project. The globally recognised home and lifestyle mogul has devloped a line of signature seafood meals for hungry consumers.

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“Knowing where my seafood comes from is very important to me, and I’ve enjoyed and served True North Seafood to family and friends for years,” said Stewart.

“After visiting True North’s salmon farms near my Skylands home in Maine, I saw first-hand their innovative and industry leading methods of sustainable farming and fishing. Their passion for the environment and community is why they are one of North America’s largest and most trusted producers of fresh farmed and wild caught seafood from the Gulf of Alaska to the Atlantic.”

Well thought-out meals

“We are thrilled to be launching this new product line in partnership with the Martha Stewart team,” said Glenn Cooke, CEO of Cooke Inc. “It is great for us to be able to work with Martha’s team to bring delicious, well thought-out meals to all tables, even those who have busy schedules and minimal prep time.”

The products will be available at retailers as soon as May 2019.

The items include Atlantic salmon with lemon herb butter, sockeye salmon with miso butter, wild Alaska pollock with southwest spice blend, and a seafood medley with wild Alaska pollock, Atlantic salmon and bay scallops with a herb spice blend. All of her signature packages will include easy to follow recipes created by Stewart’s test kitchen.


“This line is all about convenience and quality product,” said Andrew Young, vice president of global sales and marketing, True North Seafood.

 “It is a perfect option for existing seafood customers while encouraging new customers who may not be as comfortable buying or preparing seafood to shop the category.”

The product line will be showcased at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston taking place from March 17-19.

True North Seafood is one of the largest providers of seafood in North America. Under the Cooke family of brands, True North Seafood has access to a network of 17 core species from Atlantic Canada, United States, Chile, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay, Honduras and Nicaragua.