Nordic Aqua says 99% of the fish harvested so far are of superior quality.

High quality provides ‘excellent starting point’ for China land-based salmon farmer


Nordic Aqua, which operates a land-based salmon farm in China, has announced that as of today (May 10) it has reached a total harvest volume of 92 tonnes with an average of 6.1 kg live weight at its facility in Gaotang, Ningbo.

The volume for the first few weeks after the first harvest is in line with the initial production announced in a stock exchange release dated April 19.

Nordic Aqua said that so far, the quality of its harvest is first-class, and 99% of the volume – marketed under the brand Nordic Pure Atlantic - is classified as superior quality salmon.

“This quality gives Nordic Aqua an excellent starting point for building a premium position for Nordic PureAtlantic in the Chinese market and our key focus is to build a premium position in an attractive market,” said chief executive Ragnar Joensen.

Ragnar Joensen: Building a premium positionin China.

Nordic Aqua said its objective in its first few weeks of harvesting has been to achieve a wide distribution, to expose the new brand to as many consumer and salmon buyers as possible. To achieve market reach, Nordic Aqua works in partnership with a limited group of professional and experience seafood distributors.

Strong feedback

“The feedback from customers, as well as from ‘tasting boards’ involving top sashimi chefs, relating to colour, texture, fat and condition factor, support our premium position objective,” said the company.

“We are continuously getting first-class salmon into the market, and the sales organisation is now well under way in building customer relationships and market positions from which Nordic Aqua can grow its premium position,” said Andreas Thorud, head of Nordic Aqua’s operational activities in China.

“We are doing a wide range of marketing and launch activities, where our products are presented to consumers, retail and HORECA (hotels, restaurants, catering) buyers as well as chefs.

“Product exposure and market penetration are given priorities over pricing for the first weeks of harvest.”

Nordic Aqua will present figures for the first quarter next Thursday, May 16.

Stage 1 of Nordic Aqua’s facility is completed and has an annual production capacity of around 4,000 tonnes. Construction for an additional 4,000-tonne Stage 2 capacity was initiated in the third quarter 2023, and the preparations for Stage 3 expansion to 20,000 tonnes are under way.