Bioled is organising a free webinar about use of lighting in net pens and RAS. Photo: Bioled.

Shining a light on photoperiod

A highly experienced panel including Pure Salmon production manager David Cahill and Steve Summerfelt, chief science officer for aquaponic salmon and salad farmer Superior Fresh, will take part in a free webinar on lighting use in net pens and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) later this month.

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The 7th International Photoperiod Webinar takes place on October 27-28, 2020, starting at 12.30pm (GMT). It is organised by Bioled, a Chilean company specialising in aquaculture photoperiodic lighting. Fish Farming Expert’s Chilean sister publication, Salmonexpert, is the event’s media partner.

The main topics on the first day are the management of the photoperiod in cold waters with emphasis on the prevention of early maturity, and the environmental variables that influence the efficiency of photoperiod.

David Cahill is part of the webinar's expert panel.

Special session

The second day is a special session on photoperiodic lighting in RAS. For the opening 10-15 minutes there will be a brief presentation to give an overview of how lighting can optimise RAS farming. Then, there will be a panel discussion, where the panellists will give insights about the challenges and opportunities regarding photoperiodic lighting in RAS. The final part of the session will be dedicated to a Q&A with the expert panel.

Cahill’s experience includes 18 years with Marine Harvest (now Mowi) in Scotland, and seven years as Tasmanian salmon farmer Huon’s general manager aquaculture. He is currently in charge of growing fish at Pure Salmon, which has salmon RAS projects at various stages of development in Europe, north America, China, Brunei and Africa.

Maturation control

Before joining Superior Fresh in Wisconsin in the US mid-west, Summerfelt spent 25 years as systems research director of the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute in West Virginia.

The other members of the panel are Jónas Jónansson from Benchmark Genetics, Claudio Garcia-Huídobro from Chilean salmon farmer Camanchaca and Vanessa Mella from Bioled.

The moderator of the session is Dr Jim Powell, an expert in reproduction and the control of fish maturation who has spent 40 years in aquaculture.

The webinar is free, but the number of participants is limited. Those wishing to participate are asked to email for registration and questions about the webinar.