SAIC is hoping to increase the involvement of aquaculture in projects by engineering students at Dundee University.

Engineering an aquaculture match-up with students

The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is inviting industry representatives and students to an informal brainstorming session at Dundee University on Monday to increase the involvement of fish farming in student research projects.

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SAIC funds 25 Masters places at Scottish universities, including places on both the geotechnical engineering course and the marine hydrodynamics and ocean engineering course.

Research project

A major component of a Masters is a research project, and SAIC hopes to increase the involvement of industry with such projects, ensure that research is relevant to industry, increase the pool of research projects and support industry in innovative technological advances.

Possible subject areas include:

  • Moorings and anchors - wave and current loads on net cages and floating structures
  • Motion and response of fish cages to environmental loads
  • Analysis of flow through and around aquaculture net cages
  • Spatial and temporal variability of key environmental parameters around and within fish cages
  • Level of discharge that the ocean can safely absorb.

Both academic and industry participants are welcome at the session, which will be held at Dundee University between 1pm and 4.30pm on Monday, September 30.

Participants can register here.