BioMar researchers such as nutrition formulation specialist Keshuai Li, pictured, have new facilities at ATC Hirshals. Photo: BioMar

BioMar boosts hatchery research capacity

Feed manufacturer BioMar has increased its hatchery research capabilities by adding a marine fish larval trial unit at its Aquaculture Technology Centre in Hirtshals, Denmark.

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The new marine fish larval trial unit. Photo: BioMar

The unit not only allows for larval rearing but also the production of live feed, the firm said in a press release.    

The facility is the second phase of a three-phase strategic plan for the segment. BioMar announced last year heavy investment in the area including the establishment of a business unit in Nersac, France and the expansion of the fry feed production line in Brande, Denmark expected later in 2019. 

Significant potential

Ole Christensen, vice-president of Europe, Middle East and Africa at BioMar, said: “We see significant growth potential in the hatchery feed segment. Our new research facilities will help us continue to evolve our larval feed range while allowing us to respond faster to market and customer needs.”

The ATC Hirtshals now houses 24 RAS larval rearing trial units ranging from 50 to 100 litres all operating under strictly controlled conditions. BioMar said the new system allows for fine-tuning protocols for larval rearing as well as the production of live feed including rotifers and artemia.

BioMar has complete control within the trial units including temperature, salinity, photoperiod and light-intensity, allowing for strongly replicated trials and the ability to work on a range of marine species.  

“The launch of the hatchery trial facility at our ATC Hirtshals is a significant boost to the BioMar Hatchery business unit which will allow us to undertake in-house marine fish larvae feed trials,” said Christensen. “We look forward to developing and bringing to the market new and exciting innovations in hatchery feeds.”