The Atlantic Sapphire Denmark facility before the blaze. Photo: Atlantic Sapphire.

Police probe into blaze at Atlantic Sapphire Denmark inconclusive

Danish police have ended an investigation into a fire at Atlantic Sapphire’s on-land salmon farm in Denmark. They were unable to find out how the fire started but said there was no evidence of arson.

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“On the evening of 15 September, a major fire broke out at the address Lagsand 34 in Hvide Sande, which the Central and West Jutland Police have since been working to find the cause of,” the force stated on its website.

Central and West Jutland Police Knud Lauridsen said: “The fire investigations have now been completed, but it has unfortunately not been possible to come to any final conclusion on how the fire originated.”

The force added that there is nothing immediately in connection with the investigations of the fire or the interrogations in the investigation that indicate that the fire was started deliberately.

The fire site has been released to Atlantic Sapphire.

In a market announcement, Atlantic Sapphire said it will “continue to work its future plans for Atlantic Sapphire Denmark”.