Some foundations are now in place at Salmon Evolution's site. Photo: Artec Aqua.

36,000-tonne salmon farm begins to take shape

Pictures showing the progress of the 36,000-tonne Salmon Evolution on-land salmon farm being built on the island of Indre Harøy in Norway, have been released by contractor Artec Aqua.

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Construction work started on Indre Harøy, in Hustadvika municipality, in May.

Salmon Evolution will use a mix of flow-through and recirculation technology at the site.

Korea option

Earlier this year the company entered into an agreement with Dongwon Industries, one of the world’s leading seafood companies based in South Korea, where Dongwon paid NOK 50 million (£4.3m) for a 9.7% stake in the company.

The companies plan to build a land-based fish farm in South Korea by utilising Salmon Evolution’s technology.

Another Norwegian company, Salfjord AS, intends to build an on-land salmon farm producing 43,500 tonnes of fish annually using a similar hybrid recirculation / flowthrough system at the Tjeldbergodden industrial facility in Aure district, about 100 miles north of Indre Harøy. Artec Aqua is also collaborating on that project.