Andfjord Salmon's fish are pumped through this pipeline to the wellboat, which anchors a short distance from shore.

Andfjord Salmon begins first harvest


Land-based fish farmer Andfjord Salmon has begun sending its first generation of fish for slaughter, reports one of Fish Farming Expert's Norwegian sister sites, Landbased AQ.

In recent days, two liquid natural gas/battery hybrid wellboats from Norwegian salmon farmer Nordlaks have moored off Andfjord’s novel flow-through facility at Kvalnes on the island of Andøya to collect fish.

“We have started sending fish for slaughter,” Andfjord Salmon chief executive Martin Rasmussen told news website

800 tonnes

According to Norwegian coastal and marine information website Barentswatch, the wellboat Harald Martin visited on Friday, 29 June, and this week Bjørg Pauline visited the facility on Tuesday and again today.

Andfjord Salmon has a total of 800 tonnes (round weight) of salmon ready for harvest after spending one year in the company’s first pool at Kvalnes, and plans to eventually produce 40,000 gutted weight tonnes of year at the site.

Nordlaks is responsible for the slaughter of the first fish which, according to VOL, is taking place on is island of Børøya.

Andfjord Salmon's fish have been shipped south to Børøya for slaughter.