The TripleNine marine ingredients facility in Denmark. Image: TripleNine.

Squeezing more goodness out of forage fish

Danish feed manufacturer Aller Aqua is to collaborate with marine ingredients producer TripleNine to identify components of marine raw materials which can best benefit fish health and growth.

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Using the functional properties of the raw materials will achieve both higher performance and a greater extent of sustainability, said Aller Aqua in a press release.

Feeding trials on selected fish species are going to be conducted at Aller Aqua Research, based at Büsum in northern Germany.

Functional components

“Marine raw materials form the basis of many high-quality fish feeds,” said Dr Hanno Slawski, R&D director at Aller aqua.

“In this collaboration with marine raw material expert TripleNine, we are aiming to make maximum use of marine raw materials and their functional components for optimising feed performance.

“Value addition to marine ingredients will also promote the continuous sustainable use of marine resources in fish feed, by making the most out of them.”

Valuable ingredients

TripleNine’s chief commercial offier, Kenneth Storbank, said: “TripleNine fishmeal and fish oil is of highest quality and [contains] essential valuable ingredients for the aquafeed producers. We are confident that newly developed products will help to further improve the performance of aquaculture by increasing fish health and growth.

“As the aquaculture sector aims to increase sustainability, we, as marine ingredient developers, need to aid the process by actively collaborating for testing product improvements and alternatives to the already known products.”