Marel's new de-heading device.

Off with their heads!

<div>Food processing company Marel has unveiled its new head-cutting machine, which is intended to make salmon slaughtering more efficient.</div>


The de-header has been developed over several years, based on industry feedback.

Marel marketing manager Gry Førre tells “We have been in close cooperation with the industry throughout the entire process, and various stakeholders have been involved in thoroughly testing it before its launch.

“The advantage for manufacturers is that they can see the whole production line as a unit, which ensures smoother and more stable production.”

The machine’s development is part of an attempt to create a complete salmon filleting production process, rather than focusing on individual machines.

“The machine is an integrated solution, together with our fillet machine, where the focus is on stable and efficient operation, gentle handling, manpower and especially good and stable dividends through the production day,” Førre says.

Developed in Denmark 

Marel’s main office in Norway is in Lillestrøm, but it also has local offices in Averøy, Alesund, Harstad, Stokmarknes and Tromsø. The de-heading machine, however, was developed by Marel’s operation in Støvring, Denmark.

“We also manufacture other equipment to other industries in several countries,” Førre says. “For example, the Netherlands is the headquarters for everything that is produced for the chicken industry. The headquarters of the fish side of the business is on Averøy, where there are the most employees in Norway.”

The company employs 4,700 people worldwide and has its main headquarters in Iceland.

The video below shows the de-heading machine in action.

Published: 13/03/2017 at 1:50 pm

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